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Agenzia Fuoriclasse Viaggi
Incoming travel agencies & Tour Operators /

Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti, 26
31100 - Treviso
Tel: +39 0422 541493
fax: +39 0422 541522

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 0.4 KM
Asolo 33.3 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 29.1 KM
Conegliano Veneto 21.8 KM
Montebelluna 20 KM
Oderzo 26.5 KM
Vittorio Veneto 30.4 KM
Venezia 22.1 KM



It was 1999 when Dalla Cia Gladys, after 20 years of experience in the tourist field, found Fuoriclasse Viaggi travel agency in the middle of Treviso. The agency combines the figure of the the founder with top-notch figures that are always looking after the customers, giving an high qualified service both for individual and for group travels.
Year by year our team have tried to enrich and enlarge its professional skills, in the national and also international travels, making lot of attention in the choice of the tour operators, with a special focus to our customer needs and satisfaction.
We organize very different journeys dedicated to different market targets, with particular attention to cultural, wine and food and shopping tours and also to the organization of events.
Our mission is to make "special and concrete" a holiday , so that the traveler or the visitor brings with him/herself unforgettable feelings and memories.

Fuoriclasse Viaggi agency is situated in the middle of the city of Treviso, in the historical centre, far away only 30 km from Venice, 50 km from Padua, 80 km from Verona and 100 km from Garda`s Lake.
In approximately one and a half hour by car you can also reach Cortina d`Ampezzo, the Dolomiti`s pearl.

Come to see our city, Treviso, and also the area that surround it, from Venice to the Dolomiti, also known as "Marca gioiosa et amorosa". In Treviso you can be seduced by a walking in the Venetian style borugh called "I Burane", or by a trip to the Prosecco hills, by a visit to the Palladio`s villas, or by the town of Asolo, one the best villages in Italy.

In our city you may find not only cultural and country places, but also high quality wine and food products.
We are waiting for you! (Ti stiamo aspettando!)

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