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Distilleria Andrea Da Ponte
Wine producers /

Via Primo Maggio, 1
31020 - Tarzo
Tel: +39 0438 933011
fax: +39 0438 933034

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 28.1 KM
Asolo 34.6 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 39.4 KM
Conegliano Veneto 11.6 KM
Montebelluna 24 KM
Oderzo 30.4 KM
Vittorio Veneto 4.2 KM
Venezia 50 KM



Deep-rooted respect for nature and for the land, passed down through generations of Da Pontes, have become an integral part of the family culture and of the principles underpinning their feelings and choices. The Distillery was the first to pioneer environmental sustainability in its production processes, starting from the installation, in 1983, of biomass boilers; followed by the realization of ultra-modern systems for thermal energy recovery, for the production of bio-gas, for the purification of effluents and smoke; and, lastly, with the opening at the end of 2009 of the 110 KWp photovoltaic plant, which enables an annual reduction in the emission of CO2 (greenhouse gases) of 70 tonnes.
We believe it is our responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of environmental sustainability through continuous research %u2013 to protect our valuable environment, and to reward the loyalty of our clients %u2013 by ensuring a production of the highest quality, accomplished through the use of renewable energy sources %u2013 with near-zero emissions.
The Andrea Da Ponte Distillery protects ecological balance through the control of air, water and energy. Andrea Da Ponte Grappa is Nature-friendly!

Spirits Andrea Da Ponte: unparalleled jewelry taste
Elegant, refined, precious. The Andrea Da Ponte distillates stand out thanks to all those special features which make gems exclusive and therefore different from each other. These are unrivalled jewels, splendid in their patent uniqueness, exciting in their disarming purity. A sip of this captivating melody of the senses transforms every moment into intense pleasure for the palate, wrapped in overwhelming notes which reflect a classy world, a coterie of true connoisseurs and a taste for perfection, that perfection which comes from a privileged land with a natural vocation for the cultivation of vines.        

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