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Onda Verde Viaggi Incoming Travel Agency
Incoming travel agencies & Tour Operators /

Via Convento, 1
31051 - Follina
Tel: +39 0438 970350
fax: +39 0438 974245

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 28.7 KM
Asolo 24.6 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 31 KM
Conegliano Veneto 19.9 KM
Montebelluna 16.8 KM
Oderzo 38.7 KM
Vittorio Veneto 14.8 KM
Venezia 50.9 KM

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    ONDA VERDE travel agency, thanks to her full knowledge of the territory, to the great ability of the staff and to the strong relationships with hotels, restaurants, agro-industries and bed & breakfasts of the area, has the right requirements in order to satisfy every demand for hospitality and welcome in loco to the tourists and visitors from Italy and abroad.
    The travel agency is located in the middle of the Veneto Region, 30 km far from Treviso city, 60 km far from the sea, Venice, Vicenza and Padua. A sweet hilly landscape delimited to the North by the Prealpi and to the South by the large trevigiana plain.
    We offer the aspects of the Veneto you have never seen, the territory where you can still today breathe the air of medieval countries, enjoy the quiet of nature, practice every kind of sport, taste the typical food and become acquainted with local people.

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