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Strada del Prosecco e Vini dei Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene
Wine producers /

Via Piva, 89
31049 - Valdobbiadene
Tel: +39 0423 974019
fax: +39 0423 974019

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 31.6 KM
Asolo 12.8 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 21.6 KM
Conegliano Veneto 30.6 KM
Montebelluna 12.6 KM
Oderzo 48.3 KM
Vittorio Veneto 27.3 KM
Venezia 52.2 KM



The new Prosecco and Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene Wine Road, created in 2003, is the direct heir to what was Italy`s first enological route, started long-ago in 1966. Large stretches of the original route have been repeated, joined by theme itineraries able to valorize the entire district, its different viticultural landscapes and many attractions, including historical-artistic ones, scattered through the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

This suits the needs of the modern wine tourist, searching not only for great wines and typical food products but also for all those scenic, environmental and cultural components that in the broadest sense comprise the spirit and deepest traditions of a district.

Totalling 75 miles and running along the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, this wine road guides the visitor past uninterrupted vineyards, through villages and towns where you can taste the fruits of age-old winemaking arts and enjoy views and landscapes of true beauty and great charm, along with the medieval legacies of hermitages and churches and traces of typical rural and religious life. Without forgetting the chance to savour traditional dishes and products at the many venues along the route.

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