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Strada del Vino del Montello e Colli Asolani
Wine producers /

Via Cornuda, 1
31010 - Maser
Tel: +39 0423 923003
fax: +39 0423 923002

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 27.8 KM
Asolo 7.3 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 13.7 KM
Conegliano Veneto 32.4 KM
Montebelluna 7.8 KM
Oderzo 48.3 KM
Vittorio Veneto 31.7 KM
Venezia 46.7 KM



Montello e Colli Asolani Wine Road

Located in the north-west of the Treviso Province, the Montello e Colli Asolani Wine Road winds across gentle slopes, vineyards and woods across the hills between mount Grappa and the Piave river where from an ancient vine growing tradition the Montello e Colli Asolani DOC Prosecco and Red wine are produced.

Between visits to the wineries one can admire the splendid  villas that Venetian noblemen built to supervise the farming of their land, or look for the dramatic memories of the final chapters of the Great War that were fought here. A variety of local products provide exquisite ingredients for the traditional cuisine: the Montello mushrooms, Monfenera chestnuts, Levada beans, Maser cherries, olive oil and the Morlacco cheese produced on mount Grappa.

Places to visit along the road include the S. Eustachio Abbey and the monuments, trenches, and war cemeteries on the Montello hill, the medieval town of Asolo where Queen Cornaro had her court in the XV century, Possagno, home town of neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova with the Gispoteca which hosts the collection of his most famous works of art and the Temple designed by the artist, venetian villas like Villa di Maser designed by Andrea Palladio and frescoed by Paolo Veronese.

Cycling lovers can enjoy the Montello Cycling Loop while in Cavaso the Asolo Golf Club offers a 27 holes corse.


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