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Villa Ca` Marcello
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Via dei Marcello, 13
35017 - Piombino dese (PD)
Tel: +39 049 9350340
Tel2: +39 335 8180078
fax: +39 049 9350340

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 28.2 KM
Asolo 18.6 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 7.6 KM
Conegliano Veneto 43.9 KM
Montebelluna 19.9 KM
Oderzo 54.1 KM
Vittorio Veneto 47.4 KM
Venezia 37.2 KM

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    This splendid villa of the 16th Century was enlarged, entirely decorated and furbished in the 18th Century, and still today is inhabited by the Noble Venetian family of Marcello. The family boasts 2 Doges, the famous composer Benedetto Marcello, various sea Captains of whom the most famous was Lorenzo Marcello, Captain of the Venetian fleet in the victorious battle of the Dardanelli against the Turks in 1655.

    Due to the owners passion for the villa, it is renowned for its perfect state of architectural conservation together with its original furnishings, art objects and decorations, as well as for the naturalistic and botanical heritage represented by the ancient park and gardens.

    Ca` Marcello was built by the Marcello around 1550 to expand the already existing hunting lodge and transform it into a residence adapted for the developing agricultural activity. In the first half of the 18th Century Francesco Maria Preti undertook a project to extend the building by adding the loggias with terraces and a new exterior façade.
    In the same period (1736) Giambattista Crosato released the frescoes cycle in the ballroom on the main floor showing episodes in the life of Alexander the Great on the walls and an Olympus on the ceiling. There are many plaster works and decorations in the major rooms, some based on drawings by Giuseppe Zais.

    Surrounding the villa there is a harmonious century-old park (designed around 1750) which covers an area of 9 hectares.
    The anterior Italian style garden has a fountain enriched by central statues, flower patches, lawns hedges and other statues of a mythological theme.
    In the huge and luxuriant English style park there are long avenues of hornbeam trees, lime trees and oaks (some of them are the oldest of their kind in the Veneto and are over 300 years old). A small portion of the park is dedicated to cut flowers and shrubs.
    Walking through this rich naturalistic area, the visitor can admire the dovecote tower, the family chapel and a large fish-pond, obtained by filling the original quarry with water, after its clay and sand had been used to produce the bricks to build the house.
    Some parts of the park are wooden with small avenues for romantic walks adorned with statues of mythological or fable characters and animals like the curious series of ''dwarfs'', monkey musicians and Venetian masks.

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