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Villa Tiepolo Passi
Museums and Villas /

Via Brigata Marche, 24
31030 - Carbonera
Tel: +39 0422 397790
fax: +39 0422 690099

distances from the main cities:

Treviso 4 KM
Asolo 36.6 KM
Castelfranco Veneto 33.1 KM
Conegliano Veneto 19.2 KM
Montebelluna 22.9 KM
Oderzo 22.2 KM
Vittorio Veneto 28.7 KM
Venezia 22.8 KM

  • location for weddings
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  • description

    "It is our wish to recount the events of Venice from the Quattrocento onwards, to explain why thousands of villas were built; and to show, here in our home, how that civilisation is still alive, in its customs, work, food and pastimes..."

    At the end of the 16th century Almor Tiepolo, Procurator of Saint Mark`s and Senator of the Venetian Republic, had his country residence built in Carbonera, east of Treviso. Originally been a Palaeovenetian stronghold built in the late Iron Age, and subsequently a Roman fort (castrum), as the villa and its ample grounds are located on a conspicuous tract of raised terrain (the ancient Roman cardus), which can still be perceived owing to the extraordinary frontal perspective that runs for two and a half kilometres, pointing due north from Venice toward the Dolomite Alps beyond the city of Belluno.
    In the early part of the 1800s the property passed on to the Counts Passi de Preposulo.
    Built in the Venetian Baroque style, the ville is decorated with frescoes painted in 1675 by Pietro Antonio Cerva, known as Il Bolognese. Outside statues by Torretto, teacher of Antonio Canova, Italian-style garden with a central fountain, romantic park with hillocks, artificial grottoes and century-old trees. The chapel (1774) has frescos by Giambattista Canal, and is dedicated to the Our Lady of the Rosary, the chapel was granted plenary indulgence by Pope Pius VI.
    Today, while Villa Tiepolo Passi remains the Passi family residence, it houses an agricultural business and other activities, and is open to visitors for tours and a variety of cultural events.

    Villa Tiepolo Passi is a living and lived in environment, to this day still inhabited by its owners, and which after more than four centuries continues to express its quality and beauty through its offering as a meeting point for both work and leisure. The atmosphere is that of a cherished manor house, where farming and gardening are still practiced, as well as the craftsman`s trade and the tending of the kitchen garden; even the side-buildings and the barchesse are often in a flurry of activity.
    Tours and events are individually planned, and are seen to personally by the family. Lunch and light entertainment can be provided for visitors, if arranged in advance: seasonal produce comes from the farm itself, and all dishes are based on old family recipes - a perfect way to round off the experience and gain a further dimension of authentic villa life.

    Tours must be booked ahead of time; a guide is always provided. A minimum of 20 persons per group is required. Period: February to November.

    In the farmland estate
    The Tesa dei Tiepolo appeared on maps dating back to the 1600s, outlining to the north the domains of Villa Tiepolo-Passi. Surrounded by the green, the ancient farmhouse is easy to reach from the town of Treviso and motorway. It has been restored with beauty and charm of the past, but with all the modern comforts.

    Business dinners, conferences, company meetings, training activities, gala dinners, exhibitions and cultural events, cocktail parties, seasonal parties such as New Year`s Eve, Pan e Vin (Bread and Wine) and carnival, graduation parties, weddings, christenings and confirmations, birthdays, anniversaries.

    Up to 300 people.
    Access for the disabled.
    Space is equipped for catering.

    In the Villa
    The stables are a magnificent space, particularly suitable for midday or evening events or meetings. Constructed in 1600, are still expressive of the historical, solid and refined efficiency of times gone by, where beauty was (and still is), perfectly matched with practicality.

    Conferences, Cultural meetings, chamber concerts, business meetings, vernissages, art exhibitions, sales lunches, cocktails.

    Seats up to 50 guests. Space is equipped for catering.

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