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Altivole, Maser, Possagno: artistic scenaries

The journey from Castelfranco to Asolo will allow you to admire several splendid examples of "country" architecture.

At Fanzolo, the solitary and imposing Villa Emo Capoldilista rises to protect the surrounding countryside, masterpiece of Palladio from around 1560. From here you can travel to Altivole and in front of the church you can take the road for the Barco della Regina Cornaro: a regal walled complex of edifices, gardens, fountains and hunting grounds built by the ex queen of Ciprus at the end of the fifteenth century.
Today there remains only one long edifice with rich frescoes covering the façade, the annexed church, and the enchanting atmosphere of the abandoned park.

From Altivole, you can travel westwards to San Vito to admire a recent but very suggestive architectural complex, the work of Carlo Scarpa, built from 1970 to 1975 in the small town cemetry: the monumental Tomba Brion.

From S. Vito, passing by Asolo, we reach Possagno, homeland of the great neo-classic sculptor Antonio Canova. In the town square you will find the House of Canova (in the artist`s birthplace) with its many relics, and next door, the Gipsoteca, built after the master`s death to house the works from the artist`s studio in Rome. The gallery contains plaster casts and models, rough and unfinished works. It was enlarged in 1957 by Carlo Scarpa. In front of the gallery, at the foot of Mt. Grappa, the solitary massive Temple was erected, conceived by Canova as the new town church and finished after his death. The structure unites Greek and Roman models, the Parthenon and the Pantheon .

From Possagno, you can head for Maser where there is another admirable testimony to the architectural genious of Palladio: Villa Barbaro (1550-60) with frescoes by Paolo Veronese and sculptural works by Alessandro Vittoria. Here it is possible to visit a quaint exposition of historical carriages.

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Museo Gipsoteca Canoviana e Casa di Antonio Canova Museums and Villas / Possagno
Agriturismo Borgo d`Asolo Farmhouses / Altivole
Bar Osteria Enoteca Roer Café / Osterie / Possagno
Agriturismo Sant`Andrea Farmhouses / Maser

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