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Cansiglio and Prealps - The old arsenal forest of Venice

The far northern belt of the Treviso Province offers a decidedly mountainous scenery, that meanders along the Prealpine strip until the Cansiglio Plateau.

The dense forest above Vittorio Veneto is reached from Fregona (renowned for its vinsanto "Torchiato"). On the way you can stop at Piai where there is a deviation for the suggestive caves, Grotte del Calieron.

Close by stands the ancient forest which provided wood for the ships of Venice and today is a splendid natural reserve. The center of the forest opens onto a grassy plain equipped with recreational facilities for "green" tourism and crosscountry skiing. There is also a hospitable golf course.

To the west of Vittorio Veneto, we find Revine Lago with its characteristic stone houses, and the Sanctuary of S. Francesco di Paola (1700).

Prehistoric lake-dwellings were discovered in the two small lakes of S. Maria and Lago, linked by an isthmus.

The next stop is the monumental Castello Brandolini at Cison di Valmarino: the imposing and composite structure reveal the variable vicissitudes from the thirteenth century to present times where numerous transformations were made, including the recent change of destination into a luxurious hotel.

Further on we find Follina, where there is a Cistercian Abbey, founded in the thirteenth century and finished in 1335, with a beautiful cloister.

Passing Miane and Combai (famous for their chestnuts) you can make a deviation for Pianezze, above Valdobbiadene, departure point for the Barbaria mountains (reached by chairlift) and Mount Cesen.

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