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Castelfranco Veneto: Giorgione`s gem city

Castelfranco, the town of Giorgione, was built at the end of the twelfth century as a defence zone to the western side of Treviso. From Treviso the town is reached by the State road known as the "Castellana". It enters the city by Via S. Pio X leading to the left side of Piazza Giorgione.

After leaving the car, you can walk along the arcaded street. In front, you will see the fortress that imposes its rigorous presence and walls of square lay-out. At the corner of the square, once the site of the animal market, there is the Loggia del Grano (known as the Paveion) built in the times of the Venetian Republic and marking the beginning of Corso XXIX Aprile. Here you will see Palazzo Bovolini-Soranzo (XVI century) that faces onto the Corso, with its interesting frescoed façade, that flanks Porta Treviso, the better preserved of the two surviving gates.

From here you can reach Piazza S. Liberale. The following edifices face onto the square: the Cathedral built in Illuministic style, with a splendid altar-piece by Giorgione;

the Municipal and ex Monte dei pegni, now the Civic Library; the Gothic house of Marta Pellizzari, known as the House of Giorgione for its decorations in one of the rooms attributed to the great Renaissance painter.

Behind the Municipal Chambers on via Garibaldi we can observe the terracotta façade of Teatro Accademico. Continuing along via Preti through Gothic-Renaissance buildings, to the opposite side of the castle, we reach Porta Cittadella. Returning to Porta Treviso and leaving the castle, you can take via Riccati (with the Church of S. Giacomo on the right) where, after a short distance, you meet Borgo Treviso, once the nineteenth century Palazzo Revedin-Bolasco, whose splendid gardens are open to the public on Saturday afternoon and the first Sunday of every month.

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