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The Livelet Educational Archaeological Park

The Livelet Educational Archaeological Park is located close to the Treviso Pre-Alps in an area with a wealth of natural beauty and captivating old town centres.

The park was set up by the Province of Treviso in partnership with the Revine Lago Municipal Council and the Mountain Community of the Treviso Pre-Alps.

The Livelet is a system of open-air educational areas and workshops comprising a space given over to archaeological reconstruction with three types of settlement representing respectively the Neolithic, Copper and the Bronze Age plus reception and teaching areas and structures along with the simulation of an archaeological dig and experimental agriculture.

Take a journey back into prehistoric times and learn about the daily lives of early man: you will enter their dwellings, where you can touch first hand materials, tools, hunting weapons...and much more besides! 


UNPLI - Comitato Provinciale Pro Loco Trevigiane Event organisers / Local institutions / Miane

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