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Montebelluna and Montello: sportswear and nature

Along the Feltrina Road from Treviso, (easily reached from Asola and Maser), close to the wooded area of the Montello, we find Montebelluna, an industrial city specialised in the sector of sport`s shoes.

Developed in fairly recent times, Montebelluna has a relatively modern aspect. The city`s original nucleus is around S. Maria del Colle, known as the "Old Cathedral" (dating to the seventeenth century) and the Mercato Vecchio. On Viale della Vittoria that rises from the centre towards the hillside, you will find the characteristic Museo dello Scarpone e della Calzatura sportiva situated in the sixteenth century Villa Zuccareda-Binetti.

However, the most characteristic part of this itinerary is a trip to the Montello, wooded hillside cut perpendicularly by twenty-one roads where, even passing by just casually, you are sure to bump into some pleasant surprise of landscape or food, stopping at one of the local "osterias" that offer local mushrooms and salame. 

From SS. Angeli you can enjoy an extraordinary view onto the Piave River. This area is where the decisive battles of World War I were fought, and suggestive reminders persist in the English War Cemetry at Giavera.

Near Nervesa there are the remains of the Abbey of S. Eustachio founded in the eleventh century and destroyed in 1917. Here, Monsignor Della Casa composed his verses of the Galateo during the sixteenth century.

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