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Film itinerary: on the set of the movies shot in Treviso

The province of Treviso has been chosen by several directors, both Italian and international, for its natural ability to adjust to different situations, thanks to the presence of Venetian Villas, castles, mountains, palaces, historical rivers, ancient burgs and vineyards.  

In fact, over 50 movies have been shot right here, in Venice`s garden, chosen as a setting for important films featuring internationally famous actors.
This itinerary has been created to allow everyone to discover at least the main movies that have left a mark in the world of cinema; a journey through the emotions and dreams that the big screen has offered us, with first-hand visits to the main movie locations.

To all of you, have fun and enjoy the movies!

SIGNORE E SIGNORI of Pietro Germi with Virna Lisi, Gastone Moschin, Alberto Lionello e Olga Villi
Treviso, 1965 Comedies
Lower middle class people are the characters of three different stories set in the cities of Veneto. Such stories end up intertwining and are characterised by hypocrisy, a fake respectability guise, sexual cravings and bigotry - a constant clash between public virtues and private vices. One is about a husband`s attempt to break loose from his family life after suffering the fury of his violent wife from whom he defends himself by using ear plugs and threatening to commit a spectacular suicide by jumping from the roof of a building.  

MERCOLEDI DELLE CENERI - ASH WEDNESDAY of Larry Pierce with Elizabeth Taylor, Helmut Berger, Henry Fonda
Treviso e Ponzano Veneto, 1973 Comedies
The wife of a Detroit lawyer undergoes plastic surgery in an attempt to win his unfaithful husband back thanks to her newly found beauty, after he has already filed for divorce. The two meet in Cortina and the wife`s attempt turns out to be an utter failure.

AMORE MIO AIUTAMI of Alberto Sordi with Alberto Sordi, Monica Vitti, Silvano Tranquilli e Laura Adani
Treviso, 1969 Comedies
Giovanni is a broad-minded man. That is how he has always described himself when speaking to his wife Raffaella who, reassured by such civil understanding, one day after ten years of marriage confesses him to have fallen for another man, Valerio. The extremely poised and modern Giovanni has a violent reaction. Then he makes a decision: they will go on a cruise together and forget all about it. But Valerio is on the ship too. When they land, Giovanni leaves by himself.

TIRAMISU of Dante Lam Chiu-Yin with Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung, Karena Lam Ka-Yan, Eason Chan Yik-Shun, Candy Lo Hau-Yam, Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu, Eliza Chan Kit-Ling 2002

ROSA E CORNELIA of Giorgio Treves with Stefania Rocca, Chiara Muti, Athina Cenci e Massimo Poggio
Villa Ca` Marcello, 2000 Dramatic film
This story begins on a wild Carnival night in Venice in 1748: the young aristocrat Cornelia is seduced by a nobleman in disguise. While expecting the child they have conceived, Cornelia is segregated in a Venetian villa. No one will have to know. In fact, Cornelia is bound to marry a French aristocrat. The prisoner is watched by the dialect-speaking Venetian housekeeper and servant Rosa who, just like Cornelia, carries the fruit of a short-lived affair in her womb. This condition gives rise to a strong bond between the two women, yet Cornelia has no idea of the cruel scheme that her parents have in store for her and, above all, her child.

UNA SPORCA GUERRA (L`AFFABULATORE) of Dino Tavella with Enzo Doria, Antonio Menna, Lucia Guzzardi e Stefania Nelli
Castelfranco Veneto, 1964 Dramatic film
Second World War 1943. A football player at the pinnacle of his career is called up and sent to the Yugoslavian front line where he is wounded in the leg. The leg has to be amputated. Back from the war, the anger he holds inside for such bad luck makes him join the Black Brigades where he becomes a merciless torturer.

CULASTRISCE, NOBILE VENEZIANO of Flavio Mogherini with Marcello Mastroianni, Lino Toffolo e Claudia Mori
Castelfranco Veneto, 1975 Comedies
In a magnificent Palladian villa, the marquis Luca Maria first appears dressed as Casanova: he spends his life deceiving himself that his deceased wife is still beside him and acts like she is around his friends until, one day, that ``presence`` becomes real when he meets a young girl by chance.

SOGNANDO L`AFRICA - DREAMED OF AFRICA of Hugh Hudson with Kim Basinger, Vincent Pérez, Liam Aiken, Garrett Strommer
Treviso, Asolo and Castelfranco Veneto, 2000 Dramatic film
The story of Kuki Gallman, the animal activist who decides to leave her hometown, Venice, to move to Kenya with her husband and son where, caught in the local turmoil, sometimes even violent, challenges poachers in her fight to save what is left of the local wildlife.

RIPLEY`S GAME of Liliana Cavani with John Malkovich, Dougray Scott, Lena Headey, Chiara Caselli
Asolo and Villa Emo, 2002 Dramatic film
How to turn an innocent into a murderer. Three years after making several million dollars by turning a Renaissance-style trick, Tom Ripley has retreated to a Palladian villa in the Treviso area with the virtuous company of his harpsichord. He is troubled by the spite some people feel towards him, of which he becomes aware by overhearing the words of Jonathan Trevanny during a reception he has been invited to, and thus plans a revenge. Affected by leukaemia and tempted by a handsome reward, Jonathan is driven to murder a Russian mobster in Berlin who was affiliated to a cocaine-addicted murderer with whom Ripley had done business. It all ends in a free-for-all that Ripley had not foreseen and the consequences are quite tragic.

GLI UOMINI NON GUARDANO IL CIELO of Umberto Scarpelli with Enrico (Henri) Vidon, Isa Miranda, Tullio Carminati and Luigi Tosi
Riese Pio X, Cendrole and Treviso, 1952 Biography
Hagiography of the life of Pius X. In quick succession, on a night of religious recollection (it is 1914 and the Pope feels painfully helpless about the war that is spreading throughout the world), the film allows the viewer to go backwards into Sarto`s long life`s path: to his hometown, Riese, where he spent his childhood and, at the age of 23, celebrated his first mass; he was priest at the small church of Cendrole, a town on the way to Castelfranco, then canon in Treviso and cardinal in Venice.

UNA VITA PER L`ARTE of Kai von Kotze with Miro Nemec
Villa di Maser and Asolo, 1990 Thriller
Six months after the death of his holder, the police open a safe deposit box in a Swiss bank in which they find a bunch of keys mixed with documents, bonds and jewellery. What do those keys unlock? The investigation leads to different places, including Venice. The consignee of such items, which include a few statues, needs to be identified.

AMANTI of Vittorio De Sica with Faye Dunaway and Marcello Mastroianni
Villa di Maser, 1969 Romantic
Judy, a young American woman, arrives in Italy to be with her boyfriend Valerio who does not know that the woman, struck by an incurable disease, has little time left to live. He will stay by her side till the end, making the most of the little time they have left.

L`AMORE NECESSARIO of Fabio Carpi with Ben Kingsley, Marie-Christine Barrault and Ann-Gisel
Asolo, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, 1990
Ernesto and Valentina, a mature couple open to new experiences with other people, involve Giacomo and Diana, a much younger couple, in a perverted game, destroying their convictions on unconditional love.

IL DISCO VOLANTE of Tinto Brass with Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti
Asolo and surrounding, 1965 Comedies
A flying saucer glides over a small town and the staff sergeant of the local Carabinieri has to question several witnesses, including a young countrywoman who has many children and has managed to capture the Martian and sell it to her master, who is killed by his mother who is then placed in a madhouse. As a result of the questioning, the staff sergeant is convinced that nothing happened and all witnesses are nothing but visionaries.

AMARE PER SEMPRE - IN LOVE AND WAR of Richard Attenborough with Sandra Bullock, Chris O`Donnell, Astin Mackenzie and Emilio Bonucci
Monte Grappa, Fiume Piave and Vittorio Veneto, 1996 Biography
Veneto, 1918. A volunteer on the Italian front line, the young Hemingway gets injured. He is then admitted to hospital where he falls in love with nurse Agnes, who is also the coveted prey of an Italian physician. That love experience, although extremely short, allows him to find the inspiration for his novel ``A Farewell to Arms``.

MOGLIAMANTE of Marco Vicario with Laura Antonelli, Marcello Mastroianni, Leonard Mann and Olga Karlatos
Cison di Valmarino, 1978 Comedies
Early twentieth century in the province of Treviso. The wine merchant Luigi and his wife Antonia live in utter indifference. In a time of political turmoil, no one suspects the man of being an anarchist, who gets injured in the unsuccessful attempt to hijack a train. The man, wanted by the police, seeks refuge at a friend`s house located opposite to his. In the meantime, at their old house, Antonia believes him to be dead and thus makes a fresh start. When she learns that her husband is still alive and, unfortunately, can see her, she decides to provoke him by making up for lost time. This behaviour will make her jealous and dishonoured husband come out of his hiding place.

Walk with us the on the path to discover the movie locations, a wonderful film itinerary.

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