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Oderzo: the fascination of the Roman municipium

In the centre of the eastern-most area of Treviso, in the flat plains between the Piave, Livenza and Monticano Rivers, we find Oderzo, a pretty town with considerable testimonies to its past as a Roman Municipium. ù

In Piazza Grande there is a Cathedral based on a Gothic plan that was restructured in the fifteenth century. Frescoes on the counterfaçade were painted by Palma Il Giovane. The bell-tower was rebuilt from a tower along the medieval boundary wall still preserved in a few places. The centre winds along Corso Umberto I through the "Torresin" (the porticoes of the beautiful Renaiaissance buildings with frescoed façades) leading over the bridge of the Gattolè Canal to the beginning of Via Garibaldi.

Here we find Palazzo Diedo, the site of the current Municipal Chambers, built by Massari, where there is a Park (today public) and the eighteenth century Palazzo Foscolo used by the lively cultural centre of Oderzo Here we find the site of the Civic Museum with its interesting Paleo- Veneto relics, such as the Roman mosaics of hunting scenes from a third century villa. The Civic Art Gallery was named after Alberto Martini, surrealist painter born in this city. As well as Martini`s paintings, the gallery contains 456 other works. Palazzo Foscolo is also an exhibition venue and site of the Oderzo City Architectural Prize.

Returning to Piazza Grande, and crossing Contrada Rossa, you will reach the Roman Forum. By appointment you can visit the recent archeological discoveries that include a section of the forum paving, remains of public edifices, the floors of a villa of the first century and a sewerage system. Leaving the town, in the direction of Colfrancui you can conclude your trip with a visit to the neo-classical Villa Wiel.

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