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Portobuffolè, Motta di Livenza: sanctuary of miracles

Travelling north-east from Oderzo you reach Portobuffolè, a small fascinating centre on the borders with Friuli. Its origins go back to the Roman epoch when the Livenza River became navigable.

The castle with its seven turrets was erected in Medieval times to defend the merchants who arrived from Venice along the river, disembarking here to take the road for Germany. You enter the town by the Trevisana, the bridge that takes its name from the Gateway destroyed in 1918. Here you can visit the thirteenth century House of Gaia Da Camino and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. On the square you will find the Custom`s House (sixteenth century), the Monte di Pietà (fifteenth century), the Loggia Comunale (sixteenth century) and the Cathedral (fifteenth century).

Passing through Porta Friuli alongside the Council Tower, the only surviving old tower, you will come to the `barcarole`s` village once destined as the quarantene for men and merchandise.

A short distance onwards you will see the imposing Villa Giustinian (end of the seventeenth century), today the luxurious Park Hotel. Returning towards Oderzo you will come to Mansuè where you can take directions for Gorgo al Monticano to reach Motta di Livenza and the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli built around 1510 on the point where the Virgin Mary appeared in vision. Inside there is a painting of the Assumption by Palma il Giovane, a basrelief attributed to Sansovino, and a Madonna with Child possibly by Andrea Previtali. The sanctuary is the symbol of the town that grew around it, moving from the original nucleus of the old Livenza River, where there is the central road of via IV novembre. You can visit the Cathedral of the sixteenth to seventeenth centuries near Piazza Luzzatti. Along the suggestive Riviera Scarpa you will see Palazzo Buso of the sixteenth century, with a porticoed façade covered in frescoes.

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