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From Treviso to Roncade

Once again, the Sile River provides the chance to enjoy an itinerary with a breathtaking landscape and rich history, whether to enjoy partially on foot or - better yet - by bicycle.

It starts from the Treviso trade fair grounds, where the Restera path begins, along the left bank of the river. The itinerary passes by the imposing, red Mandelli water-mill and continues on towards the footbridge leading to the dry arm of the Sile River, with a fishing lake and, farther ahead, a view of the ``Cimitero dei Burci``, or the wooden ship graveyard. Once back to the road, by which we arrived, we turn back to our car and head towards Silea.

From the port, we can travel the Sile River by boat, with a lovely view of its green waters and the splendid villas facing it: Villa Barbaro Valier (now Battaggia) dating back to the 1500`s, another Villa Barbaro dating back to the 1600`s, Villa Fanio Cervellini from the 1700`s near Cendon, the 15th-century Villa Barbaro Gabbianelli di Lughignano, which Caterina Cornaro had built as a wedding gift to one of her maids in waiting, and Villa Dalla Riva (now Canzian) from the 1600`s, Villa Mantovani Orsetti and the 16th-century Villa della Celestia, before reaching Casale sul Sile: here, the ancient Carrara tower, dating back to the 14th-century, it bears witness to a series of fortifications erected by the people of Padua and the strategic importance of this roadway junction in ancient times.

From Casale, the itinerary continues along via Terra Roncade, away from the banks of the Sile, where the palatial Villa Castello Giustinian (late 15th-century) stands in the town`s piazza, surrounded by crenellated walls with four corner towers. 

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