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Visit the Venetian Villas

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Breathtaking architecture, artistic masterpieces, centuries old parks and the warm hospitality of yesteryear: a unique tour in the Marca Gioiosa, or the joyful march land, as the Treviso area was once known, through a series of intriguing discoveries of the lifestyle and flavours of the ancient Venetians` country homes: the Republic of Venice created an extremely high quality of life throughout the entire Veneto territory, with the ingenious development of farming as a new source of power and wealth, leading to the so-called ``Pax Veneta`` period.

The villas were a symbol of this phenomenon: they were the spectacular residences of Venetian nobility and, at the same time, centres for the economic and social development of an entire population.

The tour of the Veneto Villas in the Marca Gioiosa is an exploration of history through art, architecture, landscape, culinary delicacies, fine local wine and culture. It is a complete experience of the lifestyle that has, for over six centuries, defined ``Villa Civilisation``.

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Villa di Maser Museums and Villas / Maser
Villa Tiepolo Passi Museums and Villas / Carbonera
Villa Emo Museums and Villas / Vedelago
Villa Ca` Marcello Museums and Villas / Piombino dese (PD)

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