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All inclusive Pack

This all inclusive pack will semplify your next holiday with us.

What is included?

The pack includes the fuel for 1 week, the Collision Damage Waiver, 1 bike, and the final cleaning fee.

This special is valid on 7 nights holiday departing in March, April, May and June; 5 anchors boats are excluded from this offer.

This extra can be booked and prepaid at the time of the reservation, and cannot be bought at departure time. With this chance you`ll get plenty of benefit at the time of departure, as you`d not wait long time formalities during check in; you could jump straight on board after your long journey and dedicate your time on trial run and technical briefing.

Obviously, if you choose this option, you`ll not be requested to leave a fuel deposit at departure time.

Other extras could be normally added to your booking.



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