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Treviso, the Land of Mystery

The magic of these places awaits. Shadows and ghosts of the past will lead you on this itinerary. Don`t be afraid ...

``Mysterious Treviso``

1st DAY

Arrival in Vittorio Veneto and tour of this beautiful city nestled on the side of the Treviso Pre-Alps. Serravalle is particular interesting, with its lovely Piazza Flaminio, and don`t forget to climb the impressive stairway leading to the Sanctuary of Saint Augusta.

As legend tells it, Augusta, daughter of the terrible Barbarian king Mandrucco, was so fascinated by the Catholic church that she spent ever more time away from her father`s castle. When her father discovered her Catholic faith and she refused to renounce God, he was so angry he had her whipped, tortured and beheaded. As soon the terrible deed had been done, he regretted it and cried bitterly. He had a breathtaking sanctuary built in her honour, white as the soul of his beloved daughter. Since then, Saint Augusta is the protector of those who suffer migraines, and pilgrims climb the mountain to be miraculously cured where her body rests. In the evening, a dinner featuring local products from the piedmont and Treviso Pre-Alps area will be served (drinks not included). Overnight stay.

2nd DAY

After breakfast, departure for Collalto castle (in Susegana), where one can still hear the cries and screams of Bianca di Collalto. Legend tells of a terrible crime committed in the Collalto castle. The Da Camino and Collalto families, both of Lombard origin, fought for centuries. The families finally made peace when Count Tolberto di Collalto and Chiara Da Camino married. Bianca was the daughter of a servant of the Collalto family. Orphaned as a young girl, she was raised with the children of the previous count, and grew to become part of the family. Tolberto made Bianca head of Chiara`s maids in waiting, but his wife was exceedingly jealous. The day Tolberto left for war, he entered his wife`s room. She was there with Bianca, who was combing her hair. As he left, the countess watched him in the mirror as he said goodbye to Bianca, who exchanged his goodbye with tears in her eyes. When the count had gone, Chiara, overcome by jealousy, had Bianca imprisoned and, as the former swore she had never been Tolberto`s lover, Chiara ordered her to be walled inside a castle tower, most likely in her own room. When Tolberto returned and learned what his wife had done, he had Chiara sent away, but, according to legend, Bianca`s ghost appeared to the Collalto family before joyful or sad events: Those who claim to have seen her say Bianca appears in a white gown and, before a misfortune, with a black veil over her face. From the hills of Collalto, the tour continues towards the Montello hill, through places that inspired the Monsignor della Casa in his book on etiquette. It is a place of memory and peace, where the nature is breathtaking in each and every season, with its many nuances, inspiring the work of artists and poets over the centuries.

A fairy tale world, which awakens at night, as in the ``Grotta del Buoro``, where the nymph, Ciane, pours the magical water that restores milk to mothers` dry breasts, and the ``Bus de le Fate``, the home of young girls with the feet of goats, who bathe eternally in a natural spring. From the ``Buoro delle Anguane``, one can see the washer nymphs head to the streams to wash clothes stained by ancient misdeeds committed by mankind. Near a spring, the good fairies prepare honey to share with the young girls that Massariol, a naughty spirit, has stranded in the woods. Lunch at a typical Montello eatery (drinks not included). In the afternoon, hikers will reach the Sile River natural park (in Vedelago) to admire the springs, referred to locally as ``fontanazzi``. Places of mysterious magic, the springs have given life to myths and legends that live on still today. Stories tell of their ``deep holes`` that swallow up all evil spirits forever. This was the fate of the Wicked Dame, possibly the mythical transposition of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus and these lands, who was not well-loved by the peasants who worked her land. One day, while travelling in her carriage pulled by only white stallions, in this very spot, the Wicked Dame crossed paths with an old priest who was bringing viaticum to a dying man. And this is how Carlo Sgorlon tells the tale: ``Make way for the Heavenly Lord,`` said the priest. ``But I own these lands,`` replied the Wicked Dame. No sooner had she spoken, when the Wicked Dame was swallowed up by the spring, which spit back out nothing more than ``a hairless dog with a smoking tail,`` the feudal dame`s soul, destined to wander without peace throughout the night. After having explored these mysterious places, the tour turns back, or, for the fearless, there is another night in the Garden of Venice before leaving the following day, at sunrise, for Venice, to discover the mysteries of the lagoon.

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For the most fearless groups, exciting tours at dusk are available, with torches or illuminated by the magical light of the moon.

And if the spirits that inhabit these woods let the tour reach its conclusion, you will be ready to discover other secrets ...  

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