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Exposicion Hemingway + Piave

(en Ingles)

 Until October 2018 at 
Park Hotel Villa Fiorita, 
Via Giovanni XXIII,1
Monastier di Trevis

Hemingway and Veneto.  Hemingway used to write he had left a piece of his heart in Veneto.
This is why Hemingway returned to Veneto several times, until the last years of his life, visiting the places where he had been during the First World War as well as other ones: Venice, Cortina, Caorle and Lignano.

The Monastier exhibition fits into this line of initiatives in memory of Hemingway. It does so from a particular perspective, that is, through the memory of ``Hemingway`s places`` in the Lower Piave region, those where he performed his duty as a soldier of the American Red Cross and was seriously injured. The exhibition wants to highlight how this youth experience of his was not only the strongest and most intense moment of his human formation, but also the key moment for the birth of his writing and poetics (..) - Prof Angelo Ceron, Curator of the Exhibition

The exhibition has been organized by the Tourist Promotion Board Marca Treviso in collaboration with SOGEDIN Group, which hosts it.

Park Hotel Villa Fiorita
Tel: +39 0422 898008
Fax: +39 0422 898006

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