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Itineraries of the First World War

Museums, trenches, remains of heroic battles that marked Europe`s history.

Come to learn about the past,which leaves on memory and land: these are the routes of the First World War.

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The many attractions include: Museo della Battaglia in Vittorio Veneto.

"I was careful in choosing mementoes with a moral value, that speak to the heart of every Italian, they test
the hidden value of humble heroes, they remember the sufferings of our population during the hard period
after Caporetto".
(Luigi Marson, Boy of `99)

On 24th October the general Italian offensive began against the Austrian - Hungarian army and continued until 31st October 1918, when the VIII Army Corps liberated Vittorio Veneto.
Just a few days after the armistice was signed. In a traditional presentation the Battle Museum, with an official solemn opening on 2nd November 1938, presents a whole range of documents, mementoes and materials from the Great War collected by Luigi Marson.
It has developed in time through donations, even from the Ministry of War. It is distributed over three levels: from "Hell" of the trenches, to "Paradise" of the Victory, according to a heroic story, attentive to the style and pedagogical intentions of fascism. 



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