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From Treviso to the sources of the Sile River

Encompassing the entire length of the Sile River, the Sile River National Regional Park was established in 1990 to safeguard the natural and architectural assets surrounding it. The river rises suddenly from the earth just a few kilometres from Treviso, in a lush spring that floods the land, giving life to a landscape with intense shades of blue and green that unexpectedly intersect near residential and industrial centres.

To reach the springs from Treviso, follow the signs to Quinto, where, just two short steps from the town hall, you can admire the old water-mills

that still stand, as in other locations along the banks of the river, bearing witness to the production activities that were once closely linked to the flow of the river. A trip to the S. Cassiano church (near the town of Paese) is also interesting, with its ancient bell tower and a wood machine dating back to the 1400`s. From here the tour follows Strada Castellana to Cavasagra (Villa Corner della Regina) and then onto Casacorba: leaving our car in Munaron, continue on foot along the path to the springs. The earth here is swampy, with an unclear distinction between earth and water, in a fusion of colours, creating a mysterious, fairy tale atmosphere.

Returning to our point of departure, we can cross the Sile River at the bridge and walk along the right bank for quite a distance. Once we have retrieved the car, the tour continues in the direction of Spada, then onto Levada, and from there following the signs to Badoere: its piazza (the ``Rotonda``) stands between two porticoes forming a semicircle, the remnants of a 18th-century villa, now bordered by terraced homes and shops reminiscent of the Renaissance.

From Badoere, we drive to the natural oasis of Cervara,

which extends for 25 hectares to be explored on foot and by boat. In S. Cristina, which we reach by car, we stop to admire the altarpiece of Lorenzo Lotto in the parish church, before returning to our point of departure. 

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