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From Treviso along the Terraglio

Today, we can visit the villas along the road preserving the memory of a Venetian aristocracy that build luxurious country homes one next to the other, leading from the Venice mainland to Treviso.

This trend began as early as the 1500`s, but its growth peaked in the 1700`s, when the road was expanded following the burial of a canal that ran alongside it, and from which it drew its name, via Terraglio. 38 villas remain, lending a stately and elegant demeanour to this tree-lined road.

From Treviso, let us head towards Venice. Just a few kilometres farther, on the left, at the turn towards S. Trovaso, we can see the gardens of Villa Albrizzi Franchetti (XVII-XVIII century), now owned by the Treviso provincial authorities and the headquarters of a Centre for International Studies. Continuing a few kilometres farther, we reach Preganziol, where Villa Goffrè, called La Colombina, Villa Marchesi and Villa Marcello stand.
Just before entering Mogliano, we come across Villa Bianchi-De Kunkler, dating back to the 1700`s.

A quick detour to the right leads us to Campocroce, where we can stop at the grand, breathtaking Filanda business complex (end of the 1800`s), which has been redeveloped for use as a trades and business centre.

Returning to Mogliano, if we stop in the central piazza, we see, to one side, the 18th-century parish church (with a Palma il Vecchio altarpiece) leading to the cloister of the Benedictine abbey, dating back to the 9th century.

Continuing on past the centre of Mogliano, slightly to the left, stands the 18th-century Villa Duodo Trevisanato. In addition, there are Villa Veronese, Villa Pigazzi Marchesi and Villa Gris.

In Marocco, on the right, we see Villa Morosini Gattemburg, dating back to the 1700`s. And all the way to Mestre. In Marocco, it is worth your while to follow Strada Marignana for a bit, where a one-man exhibition of iron sculptor Toni Benetton (1910/1996) has been organised at Villa Marignana, where the artist lived, with works on display in the portico and monumental sculptures in the landscaping of the park. 

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