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Golf holiday
The Veneto region has some 40 golf courses situated throughout the area from the Dolomites to the sea, from Venice to Asiago, Lago di Garda to Terme di Abano and Montegrotto. This is not just an opportunity to play the game, but a chance to bring sports and culture together, visiting a beautiful region with thousands of years of history, one with a rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, whose local cuisine and, especially, fine wines (Prosecco, Cartizze, Raboso, Amarone and Soave - just to name a few) offer great taste and enjoyment. We hope to give you the chance to enjoy a game of golf, along with a rich offer of wine and cuisine, as well as tourist attractions.
Not only will golfers find beautiful courses (with nine to 27 holes), but they will make lasting memories to take home with them., the right swing to book your green, for the best offers in Veneto golf!


Asolo Golf Club Golf Clubs / Cavaso del tomba
Golf Club Cą della Nave Golf Clubs / Martellago (VE)
Golf Club Ca` Amata Golf Clubs / Castelfranco veneto
Golf Club Villa Condulmer Golf Clubs / Mogliano veneto
Hotel Fior 4-star Hotels / Castelfranco veneto
Hotel San Giacomo 4-star Hotels / Paderno del grappa
Hotel Villa Maternini 3-star Hotels / Vazzola
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